Mario Kart Field Day- Location Change

Did you think a little rain was going to keep us down?

But we will have to bring Field Day indoors (our karts can't withstand lightning strikes).

What does this mean?

With the change in location comes with a change up of equally awesome events. Take a look at what we've got planned & make sure you don't miss out!

12:30- Check-in begins

Registered teams will check in at the front desk. Individuals who signed up on their own will get to meet their team members! Last minute teams can also sign up, but to guarantee a spot be sure to sign up prior to the event!

1:00- Decoration competition

Get creative! We'll have pre-constructed karts that are all yours to decorate. Model it after your favorite kart for the game or create an original. Our most dedicated participants will even come prepared with their own fully designed kart. Otherwise, teams will work with a 45-minute limit for a chance to win coins towards prizes! 

2:00- Renegade Roundup: Capture the Koopa

If you tend to stick to the OG Mario Kart, you may not recognize this one. In the latest Mario Kart 8, you can play Renegade Roundup, which is essentially capture the flag with a Mario twist. And we're obviously bringing that to the updated Field Day!  

3:00- Mario Kart Relay

Put your Karts to the test in our final event, Mario Kart Relay. Each member of your team will get a chance to race against your opponents. Just watch out for the Koopa shells and Bob-ombs!

4:00- Awards Ceremony

We'll tally up all of the coins you've earned during the events and award the top 3 teams with some pretty awesome prizes, including the new Nintendo 3DSXL, a virtual reality drone, gift cards & more!

4:15- Mystery Tiebreaker

Who gets to take home the prize? Don't worry we've got you covered. You'll be facing off with your team in a very special activity to make sure this gets settled fair and square. 

Make sure to register your team so you can reserve a spot for Thursday's first special event!