Tournament Time!

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Gear up for a smashing time! It's time to showcase your skills in kicking butt and taking names this year in our EXPO Hall! Head over to our tournament page and make sure you sign up today! We have a huge range of prizes that will be going to our winners this year: cash prizes, special shot outs, and PS4 Pros for our top tournament winners.

You asked for more games and we are giving it to you!. We have Super Smash Brothers, Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Soul Calibur and and a few others in our line up but we are asking for your help! Signing Up lets us know which tournaments you all want to participate in and increases your chances of doing battle in your favored terrain.

Don't see a game in this list and would like to suggest a different one? Make sure you let us know when you sign up and we will put it in hat for the final pick!