We re:Partner with re:imagine/ATL

For 16 years, TERMINUS and Campus MovieFest have been committed to supporting young filmmakers and content creators on college campuses worldwide. Which is why we're pumped to re:partner with re:imagine/ATL for a second year. Their mission to "empower the next generation of storytellers" closely aligns with our own. Once again, they'll be bringing talented teen creators to TERMINUS to immerse themselves in all things film, gaming and interactive (if a Walking Dead joke about teens and zombies just popped in your head, you're too late, we already made that one last year 😛 ). 

"We are very exited to send our teen filmmakers from re:imagine/ATL to Terminus again this year. We cannot express how valuable it is for them to be exposed to the technology, the network, and workshops that the conference offers. Its awesome!!" ~ Susanna Spiccia, Executive Director

Be sure to check out all that re:imagine/ATL does year round, and we'll see you at TERMINUS in June!