TERMINUS is drawn to ASIFA-South

We are delighted to tell you that we have partnered with ASIFA-South! They'll be joining us at TERMINUS to share their knowledge and experience on animation and the animation industry with all of you!

For those of you unfamiliar, ASIFA-South is an animation society that looks to help animators of all mediums learn, create, and show their work locally and globally. They host workshops, mixers, showcases, and even have their own festival for animated shorts. ASIFA-South is part of a larger animation society that was formed in France in 1960 and now has chapters all over the globe. They work with local & international artists and help train and program animation to be shown all over the southern U.S. 

They'll be hosting a few panels and workshops including THIS exciting storyboarding workshop:

Storyboarding with Kevin Mellon: Scripts to Illustrators Presented by ASIFA-South
Freelance Comic Book to Storyboard Artist on Archer and Vampire Diaries, Kevin Mellon talks about the differences between working in animation and live action. He will go over how to storyboard a script to finished product and how the physical and digital drawing techniques he employs to execute his and the directors ideas and in a timely fashion. He will also discuss working in a studio environment versus working freelance at home and the realities of life in television.

Please check them out and if you're as excited about storyboarding as we are, grab your badge TODAY!