Announcing the Mario Kart Field Day at TERMINUS!

3, 2, 1, GO!

That’s right! We’ll be bringing the world of Mario Kart to life for TERMINUS’ opening day. Whether you decide to stop by between screenings or stick around for the whole thing, we have a full day of activities planned for you. We’ll have three main events along with a series of mini-games running throughout where you’ll be competing for prizes. Plan some time to head down to Piedmont Park on Thursday June 22nd for our Mario Kart Field Day!

Compete for some pretty awesome prizes!

You'll have the opportunity to earn coins at each event and mini-game. The top scoring teams will win the New Nintendo 3DS XL, a virtual reality drone, gift cards and more!

To guarantee a spot, be sure to register your team before June 10th!

Event 1: Design your Kart!

We’ll give you the tools and supplies you need to make a custom Kart for your team. Judges will select their favorites, and the best karts will earn coins towards prizes. Want a leg up on the competition? Come with a game plan and check out these homemade costumes and Karts for inspiration!

Event 2: Shell Dodgeball!

A gym class you won’t want to miss. Instead of typical dodgeballs, you’ll be dodging shells as another opportunity to earn coins for your team!

Event 3: Battle Royale Relay

Our final event will also be the biggest. Put your karts to the test in a real-life Mario Kart race! Compete for first place while dodging obstacles. Did we mention that you’ll only have 3 lives? Each team will be given just 3 balloons to race with, so watch your back- you never know who might sneak up on you!

Field Day is open to all to watch but only All-Access and Fan Badge holders can particpate.