TERMINUS Live: Filmmaker & Podcaster Mohamad T. Jomaa


Mohamad Jomaa, filmmaker and podcaster, will be hanging with TERMINUS Live this Tuesday! Think of it as a talk show with industry professionals while they play popular games. Join us March 20th at 7pm on Twitch (& YouTube) at twitch.tv/terminusevent.

Mohamad Jomaa is a filmmaker and podcaster here in Atlanta. In his twenties, he was bartending at a restaurant and started doing stand-up comedy at open mics around KSU and Atlanta. Stand up didn't stick but it made him realize he wanted to pursue a more creative life. He went back to school and got a job in television. Since then, he has written and worked on short films, tv commercials, and he's in the process of editing a documentary he directed last summer. His podcast "Let's Make a Podcast with Mohamad T. Jomaa and Friends" is a project he started for a way to embrace and celebrate the creativity of his friends. Every week a guest brings in an idea they have for a podcast, good or bad, and they flesh it out, then record an episode of it. It has been a lot of fun and a good way to force him to keep exercising his creative muscle.

TERMINUS Live is a live stream held every Tuesday.