What's Coming to TERMINUS 2018: Production Kit 2.0, Character Design Improv, Pitch to the Pros, and More!


Happy Thanksgiving from Team TERMINUS!

We're thankful for the support, enthusiasm, and creativity you and our presenters have brought to Atlanta. That energy has been fueling us as we plan next year's event.

Here's a sampler to whet your film, gaming and interactive appetite for TERMINUS 2018.  This is just the beginning! We'll be announcing more workshops, presenters, events and more in the coming months - so stay tuned!

Build Your Own Production Kit 2.0
Back by popular demand, Build Your Own Production Kit 2.0 will explore how to build your own production package(s) without breaking the bank. New and emerging technologies will be explored including sound recorders, cameras, and G&E (grip and electric). Also by request, we will go into more detail regarding freebies, rentals, and how to market yourself as an owner/operator.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Be Boring: (Re)Building Your Pitches to Make Them Stronger
Learn how to break your pitch down and fine tune each component to tailor it to your audience and goals.  

Who’s on First: Building Team AD
Assistant Directors will discuss the lynchpin role they play in keeping productions moving forward and facilitating on set safety. 

That’s a Great Idea! Pitch to the Pros
In two separate sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas for films and games to industry professionals. From the simple to the ambitious, they'll critique projects at all levels of experience and provide feedback.

Groupthink: Live Character Design Improv
Actors, writers and artists and will take suggestions from the audience to create a game character from scratch. Along the way, a few obstacles will be thrown in to make it interesting. 

HTH Do You Breakdown Your Scripts? Tips and Tricks for Creating Shooting Schedules
Every project is different and breaking down scripts can be daunting even for seasoned professionals. Learn ways to build a shooting schedules that are flexible, realistic and match the budget and goals of your project.

It Sure Looks Pretty, But Does It Tell a Story: Level Design and Storytelling
A level should be more than an obstacle, it should be an experience. Join this discussion about layout, pacing, balancing difficulty, and narrative techniques to immerse players and drive story.

Designing Fear: Building Horror into Games
From Doom to Resident Evil to Bioshock, we'll dive into the range of horror games that exist and how they make player's hearts race and palms sweat.