TERMINUS 2017 Continued: Surviving Life as a Creative Person and 11 More Talks For Freelancers

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Professional development is a major focus for us at TERMINUS (or, as it could be alternately labeled: How to Not Be Broke, Go Crazy, and Stay Working). This handy post of talks from CreativeMornings is a perfect continuation of our Spinning Plates, Strategic Firing and Breaking Up is Hard to Do panels at TERMINUS 2017. If you don't believe us, just take a glance at the titles of the 12 talks we've conveniently listed out for you (you're welcome). We're pretty sure you're going to find yourself working your way through all of these. 

  1. Surviving Life as a Creative Person by Kate Berry, CreativeMornings/Melbourne
  2. F*ck You, Pay Me by Mike Monteiro, CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco
  3. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing by Nik Daum, CreativeMornings/Nashville
  4. From Weird to Weirder by Erica Felicella, CreativeMornings/Dallas
  5. Let’s Talk About Clients by Michael Bierut, CreativeMornings/NewYork
  6. A Journey Into Photography by Paul Octavious, CreativeMornings/Chicago
  7. BossBabeATX Boss by Jane Hervey, CreativeMornings/Austin
  8. Self-care For the Creative Soul by James Greig, CreativeMornings/Edinburgh
  9. Love Work by Aisha Fukushima, CreativeMornings/OaklandNurturing careers is one of the reason
  10. Behind the Insta Magic by Elise Swopes, CreativeMornings/Chicago
  11. Sign Painter and Designer by Norma Jeanne Maloney, CreativeMornings/Austin
  12. Passion Before Profit by Stephen Vanasco, CreativeMornings/LosAngeles

Self-Care to Contracts: 12 Talks for Freelancers