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Producer Stacey Palmer will be hanging with TERMINUS & Friends this Tuesday. Think of it as a talk show with industry professionals while they play popular games. Join us October 17th at 7pm on Twitch (& YouTube) at twitch.tv/terminusevent.

Stacey Palmer was born and raised in New Jersey, where her interest in film production started. She began her career as a screenwriter before moving into the role of producer. She has worked on such films as, "Attack of the Morningside Monster", "Idiots Are Us" and the upcoming thriller, "Haven's End". Currently she speaks on Gender Education and its role in the media.

Stacey, and her colleage Evelyn Olansky, were panelists on "Transgender Characters in Television & Film" & "Writing Trans Characters" during TERMINUS 2017.

Join us as we play Friday the 13th: The Game to get in the Halloween spirit!

Did you miss out on the live stream? You can catch up here https://www.youtube.com/c/TERMINUSEVENT

TERMINUS & Friends is a live stream held every Tuesday.