TERMINUS & Friends: Molly Coffee

Art Department maven Molly Coffee will be hanging with TERMINUS & Friends this Tuesday. Think of it as a talk show with industry professionals while they play video games. Join us October 10th at 7pm on Twitch (& YouTube) at twitch.tv/terminusevent.

Molly Coffee spends her night writing and directing her own strange and quirky content. By day she champions the art department on shows such as "The Carbonaro Effect", FX series "Atlanta" and IFC's "Stan Against Evil just to name a few.

Molly began her film career working by day full time in the art department for shows like The Carbonaro Effect and The Walking Dead. By night, she has always championed independent film. With a solid core and lots of experience behind her, Molly has now lent her design, rigging and fabrication skills to television shows such as Stan Against Evil and FX series Atlanta, feature films like Steel Country and V/H/S Viral and even stage and puppetry shows. In the meantime, Molly is the creator/director of the puppet short film "Magic The Gathering The Musical", an Atlanta Film Society Filmmaker-in-Residence, a member of the international female directors' group "Film Fatales", and is the owner of the independent production company Zombie Cat Productions. She also records weekly podcasts with her co-consiprator Charles Thomas called Atlanta Film Chat where they focus on what Atlanta can do to make the local film community stronger. All of this from a girl who was working as a photographer and realized she could start making stop-motion films in her living room with the equipment she currently had in her possession.

Recently Molly and Zombie Cat Productions teamed up with local film superstars Fake Wood Wallpaper (Blood Car, Congratulations!) to produce Molly's spec pilot "Pepper's Place."  Starring Hannah Fierman (V/H/S, The Unwanted), Keith Brooks (The Walking Dead), and the local puppet community, Pepper's Place is a comedy in the 22 minute format. Pepper's Place exists in a world where real people, puppets, and big foam monsters coexist with no one really noticing any differences between them. It is also the kind of place that people can break out into song and choreographed dance sequences and only look mildly insane. This is a children's show written for adults with adult themes. Pepper's Place is very inspired by Pee Wee's Playhouse and the smart insanity of shows like Yo Gabba Gabba.  It's Pepper's World. We all just get to live in it with her.

Did you miss out on the live stream? You can catch up here https://www.youtube.com/c/TERMINUSEVENT

TERMINUS & Friends is a live stream held every Tuesday.