Good Reads: Are Indie Games too Cheap? Is Ridley Scott an Overrated Director?

If the average game on Steam sells for less than $9 and sells 21,000 copies, is it even worth it for an indie developer? Alex Whitshire of PC Gamer explores the dilemma game developers face. What in the heck do you charge for your latest creation you've invested hundreds of man hours in? How do you find a price that will do more than just keep the lights on, not scare off gamers, is competitive, and that matches the perceived value of the game? Whitshire quotes economist Mark Bergen, who is blunt with his assessment: "In general, small PC developers, small artists, authors and those kinds of creatives woefully underprice their products[.]" Finding the right price can be the difference between a developer quitting their day job, and looking for one more roommate they can cram into their small apartment to help cover rent. 

Are indie games too cheap? [PC Gamer]


Earlier this month, Josh Spiegel of Slashfilm argued that Ridley Scott only has two good films, Blade Runner and Alien. Spiegel's thesis is that while Ridley is an inspired visualist, he's a "beautiful, but cold filmmaker."  This goes against the accepted wisdom that Ridley Scott is one of our greatest working directors. Personally, as a lapsed film critic, I'd side with Spiegel on this one. The one thing you can count on from good old Ridley is that he will find away to get as much smoke into his films as possible. It's pretty much his signature. Ensuring his characters are believable and three-dimensional not so much. I still enjoy a lot of his films, I just wouldn't put him high on my personal list of favorite directors. Whether you agree or disagree (like vehemently, violently and voraciously disagree), debating the merits of the filmmakers we admire is a healthy exercise to engage in. After the blood and fisticuffs, we can still enjoy their body of work...or not.

The Unpopular Opinion: ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Alien’ Are the Only Good Ridley Scott Movies [Slashfilm]