Announcing the First Three Workshops and Panels of TERMINUS 2017

We're bending the laws of time and space (okay, not really) to pack 45 hours of awesomeness into 24, to produce 180 hours of events and programming in four days. 

Which makes us excited to announce the first batch of workshops and panels that have been confirmed. If you've ever wanted to make your own game, here's your own opportunity. Got entertainment law questions you're failing to find answers to, Letterbox Legal will be providing the expert answers you're looking for. 

We'll be making more announcements in the coming weeks. So grab your All-Access badgebook your room and come Learn from the Best in June.


How to Make a Game in 90 Minutes with Unity

Developing a game can be costly and time consuming. This hands on workshop will be neither. Whether you've never touched a line of code or you're an avid coder looking to get into game development, by the end of this workshop you will have on your laptop (laptop not included) a finished—and appropriately scoped—game. Along the way you will learn some best practices in scoping projects, how to find shortcuts in development, as well as a few tricks in Unity.

Gaming Track
Game Design, Programming


Entertainment Lawyer Roundtables Presented By Letterbox Legal

This is your opportunity to get face time with practicing attorneys and have your entertainment law questions answered. Small groups will rotate through three rounds of Q&A, with each table focused on one of three topics: Copyright for Film, Copyright for Games, and Music Licensing. Plus a fourth catch-all table to address questions that don’t quite fit the other discussions. 

Film and Gaming
Business & Marketing, Industry


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

When a relationship falls apart and friendships end, they can already be difficult. When the people involved are also co-creators, that can quickly become a tangled mess. How do you handle that when it's you? What happens to the work you created together? How do coworkers and friends navigate it? What do you when it happens in the middle of a project? When the social side of creativity falls apart how do you handle the business?

Film and Gaming
Business & Marketing, Professional Development