Announcing the CMF Golden Tripod Nominations

We are very excited and proud to announce the nominees for the Campus MovieFest Golden Tripod Awards. 

Campus MovieFest (CMF) is not only the world's largest student film festival, but it's also TERMINUS' older, still really really good looking sister organization.  Started in 2011 by four students at Emory University, CMF now travels the country to over 50 colleges and universities providing any student, regardless of their major, with the equipment, training, and opportunity to make their own five-minute film in just one week.

That means all of these nominated films were made in just one week by college students.

It's ok to be impressed. 

These Golden Tripod Awards go to films that excelled in particular filmmaking categories, like Best Cinematography, Best Performance, or Best Directing. We don't announce nominees for CMF Best Picture, Comedy or Drama prior to the TERMINUS Awards held Saturday, June 24th - but you can find out who wins these Golden Tripod Awards at the GTA Party on Friday, June 23rd. More on that special event soon! 

Welcome Jason Levine to TERMINUS!

Our partners at Adobe are pulling out all of the stops at this year's TERMINUS. In addition to bringing back Maxim Jago they are presenting the amazingly talented and entertaining Jason Levine to host two stellar workshops on publishing video for social media and mixing audio.

Jason is the Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe, who travels the globe inspiring and educating users on Adobe Creative Cloud, focusing on video, audio and mobile workflows. Each week you can find Jason streaming on Adobe’s Facebook and YouTube channels, speaking to the next generation of editors, vloggers and VFX artists,  showing the tips and tricks of the trade in real-time. Prior to Adobe, Jason was a full-time recording engineer working in studios coast-to-coast, engineering hundreds of recordings in a multitude of genres, prompting the formation of BoodahJooMusic Publishing. 

Editing, Finessing & Publishing Video for Social Networks

Shooting video is easier than ever; but if you want to make it look good, stand out and really attract an audience, there are a couple of key things you can do to make it cinematic & stylized, sound great and be ready to share with your followers. Join Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist Jason Levine for this tips & tricks session on how to import all different flavors of video (including vertical!), how to apply cinematic presets for color, quick audio-mixing techniques and single-click options to publish to your favorite social networks. 

AUDIO that GRABS your AUDIENCE! - How to Mix Dialogue, Music & SFX for Non-Audio Pros

Audience retention is the key to success, whether you vlog on YouTube, publish daily stories to Instagram or Snapchat, or make short films for Sundance. In this session, join Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist Jason Levine as he teaches you techniques to mix and process your audio with ease—even if audio isn’t your thing. With the Essential Sound Panel in Premiere Pro and Audition CC, you can mix your sound with a punch that guarantees to grab viewers' attention and keeps them watching! 

Announcing the Mario Kart Field Day at TERMINUS!

3, 2, 1, GO!

That’s right! We’ll be bringing the world of Mario Kart to life for TERMINUS’ opening day. Whether you decide to stop by between screenings or stick around for the whole thing, we have a full day of activities planned for you. We’ll have three main events along with a series of mini-games running throughout where you’ll be competing for prizes. Plan some time to head down to Piedmont Park on Thursday June 22nd for our Mario Kart Field Day!

Compete for some pretty awesome prizes!

You'll have the opportunity to earn coins at each event and mini-game. The top scoring teams will win the New Nintendo 3DS XL, a virtual reality drone, gift cards and more!

To guarantee a spot, be sure to register your team before June 10th!

Event 1: Design your Kart!

We’ll give you the tools and supplies you need to make a custom Kart for your team. Judges will select their favorites, and the best karts will earn coins towards prizes. Want a leg up on the competition? Come with a game plan and check out these homemade costumes and Karts for inspiration!

Event 2: Shell Dodgeball!

A gym class you won’t want to miss. Instead of typical dodgeballs, you’ll be dodging shells as another opportunity to earn coins for your team!

Event 3: Battle Royale Relay

Our final event will also be the biggest. Put your karts to the test in a real-life Mario Kart race! Compete for first place while dodging obstacles. Did we mention that you’ll only have 3 lives? Each team will be given just 3 balloons to race with, so watch your back- you never know who might sneak up on you!

Field Day is open to all to watch but only All-Access and Fan Badge holders can particpate. 


Volunteer at TERMINUS 2017!

Calling all volunteers! Applications are open for 2017 TERMINUS Conference and Festival! 

We have opportunities across the board including guest relations, A/V, party animals, gaming, photography, and much more.  If you want to get a look behind the scenes and gain valuable experience in special events, festivals, or a skill of your choosing we hope you'll consider volunteering at TERMINUS. You'll not only be a part of an amazing team having a good time organizing a killer four-day event, you'll also earn a badge so you can join in on the fun when you're not working.  

There are also opportunities to log your hours before TERMINUS even starts. If you're a social media wiz or want to watch all the movies ahead of time, please let us know by filling out the form below. Let us know your availability and what you're most interested in doing.  

We really cannot do this without you and can't wait to meet and work with you!

See you at TERMINUS!

Maxim Jago returns to TERMINUS

Our friends at Adobe are bringing tons of great workshops to TERMINUS and with them they are bringing Maxim Jago - an award winning film director and screenwriter - for two excellent presentations.

Maxim was one of our most well reviewed presenters at TERMINUS 2016 and this year he's bringing with him his expertise in Premiere Pro (he literally wrote the book on it), After Effects, and how Creative Cloud makes your post-production workflow most effective for filmmakers. He'll also share all of the new workflows available for those creating 360º, VR, and AR! 

Be sure to get your All-Access badge today - Prices go up on June 1st and you do not want to miss out! 






End to End Workflows with Adobe Creative Cloud

In this fast-moving presentation, Adobe Master Trainer and award winning filmmaker Maxim Jago packs five days of post-production training into a single session. Maxim will share the most important skills needed to incorporate multiple applications into your post-production workflow. You’ll learn about best-practice approaches to moving media and creative decisions from your original footage, through Adobe Prelude, to Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, and Adobe Media Encoder, with minimum work and maximum flow. New features in After Effects and Premiere Pro make collaboration over motion graphics easier than ever, incorporate newest filmmaking techniques for 360º, VR, and AR. In this presentation Maxim will explore fast and slow ways to achieve creative excellence. 

What it is to be human - a storyteller’s perspective

In this intense and broad-reaching presentation, filmmaker and author Maxim Jago shares his most valued lessons learned from directing 30 short films in over 25 years of filmmaking. Maxim describes essential ways to identify drama, to help actors find their performance, and to communicate with crew in ways that facilitate the expression of their genius. As storytellers, how can we more convey meaning as well as facts? What drives us to share? How do we know when we have succeeded? Maxim will share anecdotes and valuable experiences, negotiation techniques and approaches to conflict management, along with a unique perspective on the two key tasks directors must master: To form a vision, and communicate it.

We re:Partner with re:imagine/ATL

For 16 years, TERMINUS and Campus MovieFest have been committed to supporting young filmmakers and content creators on college campuses worldwide. Which is why we're pumped to re:partner with re:imagine/ATL for a second year. Their mission to "empower the next generation of storytellers" closely aligns with our own. Once again, they'll be bringing talented teen creators to TERMINUS to immerse themselves in all things film, gaming and interactive (if a Walking Dead joke about teens and zombies just popped in your head, you're too late, we already made that one last year 😛 ). 

"We are very exited to send our teen filmmakers from re:imagine/ATL to Terminus again this year. We cannot express how valuable it is for them to be exposed to the technology, the network, and workshops that the conference offers. Its awesome!!" ~ Susanna Spiccia, Executive Director

Be sure to check out all that re:imagine/ATL does year round, and we'll see you at TERMINUS in June!


TERMINUS is drawn to ASIFA-South

We are delighted to tell you that we have partnered with ASIFA-South! They'll be joining us at TERMINUS to share their knowledge and experience on animation and the animation industry with all of you!

For those of you unfamiliar, ASIFA-South is an animation society that looks to help animators of all mediums learn, create, and show their work locally and globally. They host workshops, mixers, showcases, and even have their own festival for animated shorts. ASIFA-South is part of a larger animation society that was formed in France in 1960 and now has chapters all over the globe. They work with local & international artists and help train and program animation to be shown all over the southern U.S. 

They'll be hosting a few panels and workshops including THIS exciting storyboarding workshop:

Storyboarding with Kevin Mellon: Scripts to Illustrators Presented by ASIFA-South
Freelance Comic Book to Storyboard Artist on Archer and Vampire Diaries, Kevin Mellon talks about the differences between working in animation and live action. He will go over how to storyboard a script to finished product and how the physical and digital drawing techniques he employs to execute his and the directors ideas and in a timely fashion. He will also discuss working in a studio environment versus working freelance at home and the realities of life in television.

Please check them out and if you're as excited about storyboarding as we are, grab your badge TODAY!

Meet our hero... SetHero that is.

We're excited to let you know that SetHero will be coming to TERMINUS and bringing with them a wealth of knowledge in three awesome workshops.  

What is SetHero? Glad you asked! It's an innovative (and much needed) new tool that helps filmmakers create simple yet powerful call sheets that are both easy to read and packed with all the info your crew needs. Plus they are optimized for mobile devices, and as if that wasn't enough - they help streamline on-set communications so you can see who has viewed and confirmed their call time and broadcast changes to cast and crew quickly and easily.

So that makes them the perfect team to present three very valuable workshops at TERMINUS: 

Proper Production Planning – How to Make a Movie Without Losing your Mind

Production is stressful. Cast, crew, locations, shotlists, budgets and schedules come rushing toward you at a million miles an hour. It’s hard to keep up, much less stay ahead of the curve. But there is a way! In this fun and informative talk, SetHero creator Luke DeBoer will share his unique process of managing productions from beginning to end. (Excel templates included!) Grab some coffee and a pen and get ready to soar to the next level of production coordination! 

Discovering the Hidden Superheroes of Filmmaking

Behind every amazing film you’ve ever watched is a whole league of unseen superheroes -- the Production team. But what exactly do they even DO? Join us as we breakdown the many aspects that go into making a film and discuss the unique and crucial roles that Producers, Directors, the AD team, and the Production Office play in getting a project in-shape and ready for action.

Call Sheets: A Deep Dive

If you have ever wondered why or how to make a professional call sheet this is the workshop for you! We’ll discuss in detail why call sheets are a must-use, where all the info comes from, and who’s involved in the process. We’ll also dig deeper into the anatomy of an actual call sheet and give you  the tools you’ll need (including a free template) to start creating your own professional call sheets.

Please check them out and if you're as pumped about these workshops as we are - be sure to grab your badge TODAY!

We've Moved to Eventive...New Ways to Tailor Your Badge and TERMINUS Experience


We're excited to announce that we're now using Eventive to manage badges and the online schedule.* Why is this a big deal? an attendee you'll be able to: 

  • Create a personalized schedule
  • Update your personal information at anytime
  • Update the name and info that will be printed on your All-Access badge
  • Filter the schedule to find the events that interest you most
  • Transfer a badge just using a friend’s email address

If you have any questions we answered the ones you most likely have below. If yours isn't answered, or you bought a badge on Eventbrite and have not received information about claiming your badge on Eventive, don't hesitate to email us at

See you in June!




Don't look for the schedule, we haven't released it yet! It will be available soon! You can find the workshops and panels we have added to the conference so far here. That list is also accessible from the top menu under Programming Overview. Click on Film and Gaming Tracks. BETTER yet, add yourself to our Facebook Invite (search 2017 TERMINUS Conference + Festival). We're exclusively announcing workshops and panels every few days till the big reveal of the program. 

Wait! I Already Bought My Badge...What About Me?

If you already purchased a badge on Eventbrite, no worries, your information has been transferred over. Check your inbox for an email titled "Your badge has been created". It will include a link to your account and your temporary password.

Login as soon as possible to review and update your information. Doing that will ensure what's printed on your badge is accurate and how you want it to appear.

I Bought a Badge For Someone Else/I Need to Transfer a Badge. What Do I Do?

That's super easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Login into your account.
  3. Under the Menu goto My Badges.
  4. Next to the badge you'd like to transfer, click on the cog on the right. (see screenshot below)
  5. Click on Transfer badge...
  6. Enter the email address of the person the badge should go to. 

Eventive will automatically create a new account and send the login information to that address. 

Where Do I Review or Update My Information?

Follow the instructions above to login and access the My Badge page.

On the left you'll see your name as it was entered if your Badge was bought using Eventbrite or Eventive. If someone recently transferred a badge to you, it will say Unnamed Badge. Next to that you'll see "edit details" (see screenshot below). Click on that and you can verify that what's there is accurate and make any needed changes. 

How to get school funding for conferences... preferably TERMINUS

Conferences & festivals are expensive. They are expensive to organize and thusly, expensive to attend. 

If, however, you choose wisely on where to spend that money, the results are beyond worth it. Conferences and festivals provide opportunities to showcase your work, interact with industry professionals, and meet your peers from across the globe. You can learn A LOT about your craft and field, and (ideally) have a hell of a good time doing so!  

While we here at TERMINUS do everything we can to keep costs down for you, we know it would make things a lot easier if you can get some help covering costs. It's important to know that your school is in no way obliged to help - but that the odds are in your favor. They want to support their students and it's at conferences that you can bring accolades and recognition to your school. More importantly, conferences provide valuable educational and professional benefits that you can in turn share with others when you return to campus. The value of a student's single experience can compound exponentially. 

So now, without further ado - a handy guide to helping you find and secure school funding. 

Step 1 - Find the money

The likely candidates are Student Government (SGA's), academic departments, school media relations teams, and student organizations (like student run clubs and Greek Life). You'll want to approach as many of those as possible, since it may take more than one to cover all of your costs. 

Every school, department, and organization has a different process. Usually involving  good amount of paperwork and in some cases, presentations. We recommend searching your school's website for keywords like "conference funding," "conference grant," "professional development support," and "conference support," to start. You can also go directly to the source by contacting the department head for your major or one of your professors. Ask if they provide any financial support to students attending conferences. On a peer level, you can reach out to the president of your student organization, or a member of SGA to ask the same. All of those people should be able to tell you all about the process, provide application documents, and hopefully give you some advice. 

Step 2 - Get The Blueprints

Now that you've got the details on the process for requesting money, you can start acquiring all of the information and documentation you'll need. It's this information you'll need to demonstrate  why you specifically should be given the money, how the money will be spent, what you'll get out of attending, and the value you can bring back to campus. 

You'll want to tally up the costs to attend. Make sure you itemize them so the school can see exactly where their money is going. These costs usually include:

  • Badges / Tickets
  • Flights 
  • Hotel
  • Food
  • Other Travel costs (Lyft/Uber)
  • Mileage if you're driving

You'll then need to detail all of the benefits you hope to get out of the conference and concretely explain how you'll be sharing those benefits with your school. For example: You'll be attending workshops on narrative game design taught by professionals from Ubisoft and plan on presenting what you've learned at your game developers club meeting, complete with pictures and videos. Or,  your CMF film is competing at TERMINUS which means you'll be screening your work, participating in Q&A's, and find out if you win awards and prizes, and you plan on contacting school and local press about this honor to bring visibility to your school and your program. 

You'll want to build a complete picture of what you're getting out of your attendance. In the case of TERMINUS, tell them you'll have access to over 180 hours of educational and professional programming, including hands-on workshops and panels with working industry professionals. Our event provides a focus on topics and skills you may not learn in school, in an environment that places students like you at the center of attention. Of the many conferences out there, TERMINUS was created and produced with young creators in mind. Because of that, we offer access and opportunities that other events don't. You'll be a big fish in an appropriately sized pond. Plus, there are tons of opportunities to showcase your work, network with peers from across the country, make connections with industry professionals and maybe even take home an award or two! 

Take a look at this sample Justification Letter to get a sense of what you'll be asked to submit. 


Step 3 - Execute

Now it's time to submit! Be sure to get a fresh pair of eyes to review your application for grammar and typos and double check that you've followed all of the proper protocols. Keep in mind this process can take some time, so it's best start all of the above as soon as possible. 

Lastly, a handful of helpful tips...

Show your face. Meaning you should meet with and have in person conversations with the decision makers. Some schools will require a presentation. Imagine walking into a room where you know one or two of the people beforehand. All because you reached out ahead of time, asking questions and getting advice. Never underestimate the value of face-to-face interaction.

Focus on the value. Yes, you'll have a great time. That's definitely a benefit. The true value of a conference is how it helps further your educational and professional career - and that's what your school will care about most. So always ask yourself, "how does this help me and how does it help my school?" 

Diversify your outreach. As we mentioned earlier, some departments only pay for a portion of your trip. So it's best to approach all the avenues available to you. Get some money from SGA, some from your department, and some from the organizations you're a part of, and that can add up quickly. If that still isn't enough, try reaching out to your community. You'd be surprised how many will respond to positivity, and want make an impact in a young person's life by providing them with a unique opportunity.  

Buy in Bulk. Most conferences offer group discounts. TERMINUS gives discounts on badges and hotel rooms for groups of 4 or more. If you can show your school that they can get a good deal, AND simultaneously provide opportunities to more students, that's what they call a win win. 

Promote yourself. Reach out to your school newspaper and the local interest sections/departments of your local news. Tell them about what you're trying to achieve and why. Human interest stories go a long way, and schools always appreciate positive publicity! 

We hope that helps! If you have any questions, or tips of your own we can share with students to secure school funding, reach out to us at