You really want to come to TERMINUS, but you're currently enrolled in school -- which means you're super broke. Don't stress! Here are a few helpful hints that could help bring down costs, and make all of your TERMINUS dreams come true.


Ask Your School

Student Activities organizations and academic departments often have a budget set aside to help students attend conferences. Ask your film professor, your academic advisor, or your student government rep if your school offers this kind of assistance. We’ve created some documents that can help you win them over. There is no guarantee your school can or will help you, but it never hurts to ask! 

Justification Letter Template

Pro tip: Ask early! These requests can take a long time to process, so make sure you give yourself, and your school, enough time to see everything through.

Bring Your Squad

Do all of your friends want to come to TERMINUS? Duh, of course they do. We have special deals on badges for large groups! Talk to your student activities organization to find out if any clubs, academic departments, or other campus groups are interested in traveling to TERMINUS in a large party, and you could help bring the cost down for your entire crew! For more information about discounts for six or more please email us with the size of your group at

Opportunities Beyond terminUS


We Make

We Make is a creative collective that connects talent with opportunities. We give you access to exclusive jobs for major brands (like Google, Starbucks, and Adobe...MAJOR), provide you with resources to support your own work (like access to free gear), and even connect you with other top creatives in your area through our exclusive network (new friends!). We work with our members to produce unforgettable content for our clients and fuel your creativity at the same time. In short, We Make it happen.

If you aren't a member you can apply online here.


Gaming Organizations and Resources

International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

Film Organizations and resources