TERMINUS Conference & Festival is dedicated to empowering today’s creators by providing them with the education, experience, and opportunities they need to develop and produce entertaining and impactful work. 

Our event hopes to bring filmmakers, video game developers, creators and fans of all types together for an event that is not only fun - but meaningful to their development as professionals and as storytellers.

Overview of TERMINUS Programming


To tell the story of TERMINUS we must start with Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world's largest student film festival. CMF began in 2001 at Emory University in Atlanta when four students provided their peers with everything they needed — including camcorders and Apple laptops — to make a movie in one week. A revolutionary idea in the time before iPhones, YouTube, and the early days of iMovie editing software. 

Through the years CMF grew to provide this unique opportunity to millions of students across the globe and in 2008 CMF held its first "Grand Finale" in New York City, bringing together the best of the best from that year's CMF school competitions and honoring them with special guest presenters, prizes, and awards. This Grand Finale was subsequently held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and then back to Hollywood in 2011. Officially christened CMF Hollywood, CMF’s capstone event would call L.A. home until 2015. 

With Georgia’s film industry exploding, and advancements in technology continuing to lower the barrier to entry for creators to be successful no matter where they lived - it was decided the timing was right to bring the Finale home to Atlanta. 

The team knew that the model they had built in CMF Hollywood could easily expand to include not just college students who made a five-minute film in one week, but filmmakers, video game developers and creators of all types

Thus, in the summer of 2016 TERMINUS Conference + Festival was born - a four day conference and festival bringing together creatives in the converging fields of film and video games. The name not only paid homage to our Atlanta roots, but embodied the spirit of something that is both a destination and a spring board. And of course a nod to its history in film and television (Walking Dead anyone?)

TERMINUS expanded its workshops and panels by five-fold, added expos, video game tournaments, more networking, more parties, and more opportunities for people to showcase their work in film and video games.

Past TERMINUS and CMF Finale Events


Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world’s largest student film festival, began in 2001 when four students at Emory University provided fellow students with everything they needed — including camcorders and Apple laptops — to make a movie in one week.  Today CMF is a premier outlet for the next generation of filmmakers, with more than one million students at colleges and universities worldwide getting the chance to tell their stories through film. Thanks to corporate partners and schools, CMF is completely free for students.


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