Need a break from the panels?

Come check out the EXPO hall in the W to experience gaming across the ages! Wanna play it? We got it! Systems ranging from the ATARI all the way to the new NINTENDO SWITCH.

We have tournaments, prizes, and a blanket fort where you can come unwind and watch some of your favorite "let's play"s. We are also including new indie games, developed by the TERMINUS Golden Joystick finalists and tabletop games to really sink your teeth into the gaming experience. Bring your cards, bring your handhelds, bring your laptops, but more importantly bring your "A Game". 

The gaming EXPO hall is open 10am-2am on Friday and Saturday and 10am-6pm on Sunday and is open to all attendees and welcomes gamers from any skill level.



10am - Expo Hall Opens: Golden Joystick Demos begin

4pm - First Round of Tournaments

12am - Costume Corral 

1am - Last Call

2am - Closing Time


10am - Expo Hall Opens: Indie Game & TableTop TakeOver 

12pm - Second Round of Tournaments 

12am - Snuggie/Onesie Round Up

1am - Last Call

2am - Closing Time


A brief thank you to all of this year's EXPO Hall partners and exhibitors for making this possible! Chick here for more about our partners!


10am - Expo Hall Opens

12pm -  Last Chance Tournaments

5pm - Last Call

6pm - Closing Time

LIVE Game Demos

TERMINUS Golden Joystick Finalist

We want to congratulate this year's video game submissions and welcome you, yeah you, to come check out what they have made! This year we are awarding in these categories:

  • Golden Joystick for Best Overall Game
  • Golden Joystick for Best Student Game
  • Golden Joystick for Best Game Design
  • Golden Joystick for Best Game Design Document
  • Golden Joystick for Fan Favorite

On Friday the 23rd, The Golden Joystick Finalists will be showcasing their design boards, doing live demos of their games, and giving you the chance to experience their story first hand. Come vote for your favorite video game submission and see your choice go for gold as they compete to the death at TERMINUS. (No gamers will be harmed, maimed, or killed...I know, we are sorry.) 

The winners will be announced the following day at our TERMINUS Award Ceremony and will be crowned this year's video game champion! 

Can't wait to see this year's submissions and want to check them out now?



Ready to Raid?

Need to satisfy your hunger for Super Smash? Want to dust off your Brutalities? Or are you just looking to claim some fame? We have tournaments happening everyday so come put throw your name into the ring and brawl it out with other contenders. Click below to see a schedule of tournaments, sign up, and let us know which tournaments you wanna join!

Indie Game Day

Couldn't get enough of new indie games and want to explore new untold stories?! On Saturday the 24th, the EXPO Hall goes into 5th gear as it blasts off with your chance to sit, watch, and play new Indie Games! Join Indie Cluster as they showcase new games in the industry and get your chance to talk more Indie Developers.

Indie Cluster is here to inspire the untargeted, promote the unique, and gain attention as a collective through providing a platform and network of community outreach, events, and opportunities for indie developers!

Table top TakeOver


Roll d20 for "Fun Check" 

Looking to go all analogue and do it like the Amish? Wanna grab some dice, minis, cards, and some table space and nerd the eff out? Well, I guess we can do that too. From D&D, XWing, Catan, Betrayal on the House on the Hill to Magic; The Gathering and Pokemon: Trading Card game; this is your time to come show us your favorite way to go retro. Never had the chance to play any types of RolePlaying games? Come learn! You'll be put in "capable" and "safe" hands as we show you the ropes.

*Fits of fun and random shouting in bad accents may be side effects*

Table Top Takeover is brought to TERMINUS this year by Counterpoint, a collective community that values sharing knowledge over the pursuit of profit and seek to provide tools to those who do not have them. Aiming to be living proof that when we work together instead of for each other, we can accomplish great things.


NEW: Fort Blanket


introducing: Fort Blanket

It's not quite a CON without adults dressed up in the silliest of garb. In an effort to accommodate all of the weirdness, we are introducing a safe space for you to chill out. Fort Blanket will be your place to hangout, watch movies, catch up with your friends, and show off your finest onesies. So bring your copious belts, your wacky hats, and your stylish onesies.

Friday, after the Golden Tripod Award's costume contest (a $100 prize hanging in the balance), we welcome you to bring your most outrageous costumes, garb, outfits, and robes. Take the chance to connect with other costume savvy peeps and capture your moments this at TERMINUS. 

Saturday, we will be rocking out our onesies, watching movies, and hanging out in the Blanket Fort. ByoS (Bring your own snacks)

Wanna Volunteer? 


Wanna be our Player 2?

Looking to help out in the festival or wanna earn a free badge? You're in luck! We have tons of opportunities for you this year. Click below to find your TERMINUS "Vocation" and hone your skills.