Customize your TERMINUS experience with our range of badge options. Make the most out of everything with the All-Access Badge or hyper-focus on the areas that interest you most with the Fan and Workshop Badges.


Prices and deadlines

Early Regular Late Last Minute On-site
on sale October 5 January 2 June 9 June 15 Now
All-Access $109 $129 $139 $149 $169
Student All-Access $99 $119 $129 $139 $159
Workshops Only $110 $110 $125 $125
Fan Badge $99 $109 $109 $119
Saturday Only $99 $99 $99 $99
TERMINUS Awards Ticket $50 $50 $50 $50
GTA Party Ticket $25 $25 $25 $25
Festival Screening Ticket* $10
   *Festival Screening Tickets grant access to one screening block or festival film only.

Badge Comparison

All-Access Workshop Fan Badge Saturday
Workshops & Panels Saturday Only
Game Play Saturday Only
Film Screenings Saturday Only
Parties Saturday Only
Tournaments** Saturday Only
Expos Saturday Only
Awards Ceremony TBD
Special Networking Events Saturday Only
Attendee Gift Bag
Drink Tickets 4
Festival Screening Tickets 2

   *some events may require an RSVP and/or additional fees      **some tournaments require additional fees

Group Sales

We have special rates for bulk sales of 6 or more. Contact us at magic8ball@terminusvent.com with the size of your group for pricing.

Refund Policy

Badges cannot be refunded once purchased. They can be transferred to another name before May 30th.

TransfeRring a Badge

Login to your personal Eventive account. Under the menu go to My Badges. Next to the badge(s) you'd like to transfer, click on the gray cog on the right handside. Enter the email address(es) of the new badge holder(s). 

The new badge holder will immediately be emailed instructions on how to access their account to claim their badge and enter their personal information.