We've got incredible educational panels and hands-on workshops planned in filmmaking, game development, and interactive. Check back often, as we are locking down new panels all the time!



Building Your Own Production Kit for Under $1,000 2.0

Presenters: David Smith


"Back by popular demand, Build Your Own Production Kit 2.0 will explore how to build your own production package(s) without breaking the bank. New and emerging technologies will be explored including sound recorders, cameras, and G&E (grip and electric). Also by request, we will go into more detail regarding freebies, rentals, and how to market yourself as an owner/operator.

Production, Industry

Practical Philosophy for Creatives 

Presented by ADOBE

Presenters: Maxim Jago

How can we be sure we’re doing anything right? How can we prioritize while sharing, collaborating, absorbing influences and participating in creative projects? In this fast paced exploration of modern practical philosophy, I’ll present ideas to help guide choices that creatives need to make every day.

Production, Producing, Industry, Business & Marketing, Professional Development

Fast Post-production Fixes for Indie Filmmakers 

Presented by ADOBE

Presenters: Maxim Jago

How to get video footage from flat to fantastic, add rich colors for film looks, clean up sound and repurpose music – fast.

Production, Post-Production, Technology, Professional Development, Audio

Marvel VFX

Presenters: Stephane Ceretti & Susan Pickett

The production journey of visual effects from scene descriptions on a page to the finished edit in post, requires a great deal of planning and coordination. Visual Effects Supervisor Stephane Ceretti and Visual Effects Producer Susan Pickett will discuss how visual effects move from script, to boards, to previs; and how footage shot during principal photography is selected in Editorial, moved to the VFX facilities, processed, and brought back to the edit bay to be cut into the film. 

Production, Industry, VFX

Adobe: Stump the expert

Presented by ADOBE

Presenters: Maxim Jago

Attendees get the opportunity for an intimate conversation to ask Maxim Jago all of their most burning Adobe questions. 

Production, Industry, Round Table

Trans Characters in the Media 2.0

Presenters: Stacey Palmer, Evelyn Olansky

We will examine how Transgender people have been portrayed over the years in Hollywood. From horror movie villains, to talk show punch lines, Transgender people have endured countless ridicule. We will discuss why that was and how that trend is changing. 

Production, Producing, Industry, Character Development, LGBTQ+

Fight Choreography 2.0

Presenters: Ryan Monolopolus

Want to learn how to stage convincing fight choreography for the screen? You’ll have the chance to see the talented folks from On Camera Combatives in action, demonstrating how they create authentic and dynamic fight movement for film. Come ready to get out of your chair. This panel is fully interactive! 

Production, Producing, Industry, Acting, Directing

Storytelling Techniques From An Independent Filmmaker 

Presented by ADOBE

Presenters: Maxim Jago

The broad reaching presentation exploring the lessons learned from directing 30 short films. A broad-reaching presentation exploring creativity, purpose, and storytelling with modern and future technology. 

Production, Industry, Team Management, Professional Development, Technology, Directing

Who’s on First: Building Team AD

Presenters: Jason Perlman, Lynne Hansen, Tara Ansley

A Director, an Assistant Director, and a Producer will discuss the lynchpin role that the AD team plays in keeping productions moving forward and facilitating on set safety. 

Production, Team Management

Whatever You Do, Don’t Be Boring: (Re)Building Your Pitches to Make Them Stronger

Presenters: Jason Perlman, Gabrielle Pickle, Carrie Schrader

Learn how to break your pitch down and fine tune each component to tailor it to your audience and goals.   

Producing, Business & Marketing, Programming, Professional Development

Writing Visually

Presenters: Van Jensen, Paul Jenkins, Molly Coffee

Film. Video games. Comic books. Each is a visual medium, the end product something the audience views. Which means to write in any of these mediums, you need to be able to see the story, and to convey that vision through a script. We'll teach you how.

Character Development, Professional Development, Screenwriting

Cinematographers have a litany of tools at their disposal to craft a specific look for a given production. From REDs to Alexas, Steadicams to Technocranes, overheads, SkyPanels, gels, and snoots, the options are endless, and never one size fits all.

With so many choices, every production is an opportunity to visually tell a story in a different way, and also to further evolve and solidify your style as a Director of Photography. Today, Alexxiss Jackson will talk about crafting a look with lenses and on-camera filters.

Production, Industry, Professional Development, Team Management

Cinematography: Crafting a Look with Lenses and Filters

Presenters: Alexxiss Jackson

Not all content is made equally. Emmy nominated director and producer Jason Perlman is here to give some insight into the production process of directing episodic content. Be there to hear his tips and tricks of developing a long term episodic series.

Production, Post-Production, Directing, Character Development

Directing Episodic Content

Presenters: Jason Perlman

From casting through production, this panel will focus on how to build and maintain an open and trustworthy relationship between directors and actors.

Production, Directing, Acting, Character Development, Professional Development, Team Management

Director/Actor Relationship

Presenterss: Keith Douglas, Carrie Schrader, Jason Perlman, Carrie Anne Hunt

Once the five winning pilot pitches were chosen, the PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program needed talented artists to help bring the stories to life.  Come hear from the accomplished directors as they let us in on what they learned, the unique challenges they faced, and what makes the pilot process so different from all their other projects.

Production, Directing

PlayStation Pilots • Director's Panel

Presenters: Jeremy Inman, Ashton Avila, Sarah Thacker, Steven Wilson

In the last decade, conversations around on screen representation have extended to include mental health. Shows like One Day at a Time and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend have been praised for featuring characters dealing with on going mental health issues. Others like The Good Doctor and 13 Reasons Why have met more vocal criticism, polarizing critics and audiences. Join us for this conversation as we discuss what shows and films are getting right, getting wrong, and the role films and shows can play in not only in educating the public, but in expanding the definition of diversity on screen.

Elfenworks Mental Health in the Media

Presented by The Carter Center and Elfenworks.

Presenters: Lauren Speeth

Every project is different and breaking down scripts can be daunting even for seasoned professionals. Learn ways to build a shooting schedules that are flexible, realistic and match the budget and goals of your project.

Producing, Professional Development, Team Management

HTH Do You Breakdown Your Scripts? Tips and Tricks for Creating Shooting Schedules

Presenters: Trisha Solyn, Lynne Hansen

Molly Coffee and Blair Bathory join us to talk about gore, jump scares and everything else involving your international horror obsession.

International Horror

Presenters: Molly Coffee, Blair Bathory

Moonshine & CraftyApes are in the house to talk about all things post. Everything from dallies turnaround craziness to creating visual FX for major studio films.

Post-Production, SFX, VFX, Team Management

Moonshine & CraftyApes

Presenters: Drew Sawyer, Mark LeDoux, Chris LeDoux

One year ago, the PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program launched at TERMINUS. One year later, having come full circle through the completion of their pilots, the creators are here to tell us all about their journey.  From that initial spark of an idea, through pitching their stories to executives in LA, to how their shows changed throughout the process, come hear what it's like to go through this unique and rewarding process.

PlayStation Creators Panel

How can we be sure we’re doing anything right? How can we prioritize while sharing, collaborating, absorbing influences and participating in creative projects? In this fast paced exploration of modern practical philosophy, I’ll present ideas to help guide choices that creatives need to make every day.

Production, Producing, Industry, Business & Marketing, Professional Development

PlayStation Pilots • Creator's Panel

Presenters: Maxim Jago

Sometimes real life is scarier than anything you can make up. In this panel learn how todays social issues can not only make for a good horror concept but also how it plays an important role in bringing those issues to the forefront of todays society.


Presenters: Blair Bathory, Dayne Noffke, Lynne Hansen

Maya for previs or rigs? 3D's Max for landscapes or crowds? Ever wonder which software to learn and use for different applications, when there are so many to choose from? Come listen to experts from Georgia Media Workshops talk about the different software platforms that are used in games, film, VR and other industries, and why they are the industry standards.

Post-Production, Professional Development, SFX, VFX, Technology

VFX are Everywhere! BUT... Which Software Should You Use, and Why?

Presenters: Solomon Chase, Alex Burmenko

It's no secret that getting started as a freelancer in the production industry can be an uphill battle. Come and join We Make members Jenna Kanell, Alexxiss Jackon, Caroline Benitah, and Katelyn Studer, all local freelancers in the Atlanta area, as they discuss their freelancing beginnings and how they have navigated through the highs and lows of the Atlanta production scene.

Production, Industry, Business & Marketing, Professional Development

We Make: Freelancing in the Film Industry

Presenters: Jenna Kanell, Alexxiss Jackon, Caroline Benitah, Katelyn Studer

Come join the conversation. This is a place where we respectfully and patiently listen to one another. This is the place where people can ask questions and seek answers. We hope to see you there.


LGBTQ + Safe Spaces Conversation

Presenters: Stacey Palmer

Do you like to draw and also like to make money? So does The Walking Dead storyboard artist Mark Simon. With over 4,500 production credits, Mark will share with you the secrets to landing great storyboard gigs, what board artists need to know, how he landed his dream jobs with Spielberg and The Walking Dead and more.

Business & Marketing, Professional Development

How to get Started in Storyboarding

Presenters: Mark Simon


Since introducing the mirrorless camera a decade ago, Panasonic's Lumix has earned acclaim from filmmakers and creators. Learn about the latest technologies and techniques to take your project to the next level.



Juicing your UI in 3 Styles

Presenter: Kartik Kini

It is about making the UI in your game more "juicy" and satisfying to interact with, and contains active demonstrations and demos of different styles of UI and how to make their interactions more exciting. 

Game Design, Programming, Game Art, Game Development, Professional Development, Narrative Game Design

Narrative Design Workshop 2.0

Presenters: Alexander Horn (Senior Narrative Designer at Ubisoft), Jared Mason (Narrative Designer at Schell Games) Rayna Anderson (Senior Narrative Designer at Eidos Montreal)  

This intensive two part workshop will explore the day-to-day craft of Narrative Design through hands-on activities, group discussion, and critique. Attendees will learn the basics of Narrative Design by practicing skills that are central and crucial to successful game development. Narrative Design is commonly misunderstood, and much of Narrative Design theory is not tied to concrete practice; therefore, in this workshop, participants will “learn by doing.” The workshop will begin each day with a short presentation by one of the instructors introducing concepts that are essential to know before becoming a professional Narrative Designer. Attendees will then work in groups and tackle exercises based on the presentation. At the end of each session, members will have a chance to discuss their work and receive feedback. Each day will build on the previous day’s work and you'll leave this workshop with a concrete understanding of what constitutes Narrative Design work, as well as new tools to succeed in this field. 

Narrative Game Design, Character Development, Game Design, Game Development, Game Art, Technology

That’s a Great Idea! Pitch to the Pros: Gaming

Presenters: Jared Mason, Alexander Horn

In two separate sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas for films and games to industry professionals. From the simple to the ambitious, they'll critique projects at all levels of experience and provide feedback.

Business & Marketing, Game Development, Professional Development, Team Management

Designing Fear: Building Horror into Games

Presenters: Alexander Horn, Rayna Anderson, Paul Jenkins, Stacey Palmer

From Doom to Resident Evil to Bioshock, we'll dive into the range of horror games that exist and how they make player's hearts race and palms sweat. 

Game Development, Game Design, Game Art, Narrative Game Design, Programming

Groupthink: Live Character Design Improv

Presenters: Paul Jenkins, Van Jensen, September Day Carter, Bob Carter

Actors, writers and artists and will take suggestions from the audience to create a game character from scratch. Along the way, a few obstacles will be thrown in to make it interesting. 

Game Design, Game Development, Narrative Game Design, Character Development, Acting, Screenwriting

It Sure Looks Pretty, But Does It Tell a Story: Level Design and Storytelling

Presenters: Rayna Anderson, Alexander Horn

A level should be more than an obstacle, it should be an experience. Join this discussion about layout, pacing, balancing difficulty, and narrative techniques to immerse players and drive story.

Game Design, Game Art, Game Development, Narrative Game Design, Technology

Its the end of the world! Or is it only the beginning? Come join presenters Alexander Horn and Rayna Anderson as they discuss the widening topic of Artificial Intelligence. They will talk about the early roots as well as its future.

AI Apocaplypse

Presenters: Alexander Horn, Rayna Ande

Shedding light on alternative opportunities for freelancers and staff writers to work from home, on the road, or temporarily onsite.

Screenwriting, Professional Development, Game Development, Narrative Game Design

Where a Writer Writes

Presenters: Drew Mcgee

Ever wanted to be able to create your own video games but thought that's way to difficult for me? With Fusion 2.5 gaming and software creation have never been any easier. Come join Brian Miller as he hands out the tips and tricks to unlocking this amazing new world.

Building a Game in Fusion 2.5 Free

Presenters: Brian Miller



From Self Expression to Self Assessment: Making the Jump to the Workforce

Presented by TRICK 3D

Presenters: Elliott Rothman, Ross Cantrell

The team at TRICK 3D guide young professionals in the production and interactive industry. Ross Cantrell and Elliott Rothman lend their combined 20+ years experience to help prepare you for working in an ever changing and evolving industry and how to stay on top and advance your career.

Production, Business & Marketing, Professional Development, Team Management

Creative Uses for VR, AR & 360

Presenters: Stephanie Marlo, Cody Vondell, Gregory Rossomme, "Eddie ""Gatsby"" Turner", Tavio Castrillo

How do we best use XR to push past the conventional constraints of creation? Discussions concerning the use of XR tools to create new realities and constructs outside of the regular realms of gaming and entertainment.

Programming, 360 Video, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Game Design, Technology

Technology as Character

Presenters: Dale Adams, Van Jensen, Alexxiss S. Jackson

This panel will detail how to utilize new technology to help distinguish and individualize different characters.

Technology, Character Development

Story Logic

Presenters: Stef Ceretti, Susan Pickett, Van Jensen

Come join presenters Stef Ceretti, Susan Pickett and Van Jensen as they discuss the logic behind storytelling and the narrative structure itself.

360 Audio

Presenter: Dale Adams


The future of storytelling in virtual and augmented reality require a new kind of depth to those experiences, presence. 3D audio is the catalyst for transforming our perceptions into a spatial awareness of the story unfolding all around us. Providing us with context and a sense of narrative impact, it defines how we navigate unknown environments and avoid conflict. Join us as we explore spatial audio and creating immersive sonic experiences that will teleport your story to another dimension.

Audio, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Technology

We will have an engaging conversation around the topic of decentralized and blockchain technologies and how they might effect creative asset monetization and creative labor. We will discuss projects that are already in production as well as problems yet to be solved. Artists interested in new business models and new forms of value will find this conversation of interest. Questions from the audience are welcomed and encouraged.

Decentralized Economy and Creative Labor

Presenters: Elizabeth Strickler, Anitha Vadavatha

How do you create a sense of presence? How do you hone in on the best angles when every angle is an option at all times? Join us to learn tools and techniques to create a stronger sense of presence in your world’s of creation.

Industry, Professional Development

Enlightened Angles

Presenters: Eddie "Gatsby" Turner, Gregory Rossomme, Stephanie Marlo

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the next big wave in storytelling. When Turner Classic Movies and Noir Alley decided to embrace this and create a Film Noir-inspired webisodic, they turned to Sprocket Creative to pull it off. Please join Dean Velez and some of the team from Sprocket Creative as they give you a behind the scenes look at how they built the award winning “360° of Noir”. Topics will include script writing, 3D, compositing, editing, audio and creating output for mobile VR to be shared through YouTube and Facebook.

Industry, Professional Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360 Video, Audio, Technology, VFX

How to Build In An Immersive Space Using Adobe, Daz and Cinema 4D

Presenter: Dean Velez

Got a story burning inside of you that needs to be brought to life? Learn what it takes to create an animation, how much it will cost, how long it will take, what the production process is, how to get help, and more! Bring your ideas for some customized Q&A.

Create Your First Animation

Presenter: Allyssa Lewis

Virtual Reality is fun and exciting with the opportunity to bring the viewer into all sorts of environments and situations. But the question is “should we?” and what are our responsibilities as creators to ensure that the audience has a safe experience. There are several things we have learned over the past 3 years while building immersive stories. Most of it is amazing, but some of it is downright scary. Please join us as we go thru the pitfalls of the primitive mind as it pertains to VR.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

The Ethics of VR and How it Affects the Primitive Mind

Presenter: Dean Velez