Friday • June 23, 2017

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Motion Capture On A Budget

10:00am (Room A)

Check out this interactive demo of Perception Neuron, an affordable & wireless alternative to motion capture. Find out how to take care of your MoCap needs ­­ without breaking the bank. Presenters: Erica Penk (Trick 3D)

Voiceover In Games: How to Break In

10:00am (Room B)

Gaming may be a digital world, but there are real voices behind those animated characters. How do actors get started in video game and motion­ capture work? What does that work really entail? Panelists will answer these questions and more, including specifically addressing the recent game VO actor strike, and how the ramifications of that will continue to affect the industry. Whether you’re an actor looking for VO work or a designer trying to bring your characters to life, this panel will give you all of the information you’re looking for. Presenters: Bob & September Carter, Freelance Voiceover Actors

Google Infinite Deviation

10:00am (Room C)

Computer programmers are nerds. Geeks. Socially awkward. Men. Or are they? Award winning filmmaker Eliza McNitt, along with Daraiha Greene from Google’s CS Education in Media team, will screen the first two films in the Infinite Deviation series. They’ll discuss why there needs to be more diverse representation of coders in the media, and why telling stories that entertain and engage is the best path to effect change. Presenters: Eliza McNitt (Infinite Deviation Filmmaker), Daraiha Greene (Google)