Friday • June 17, 2016



FRIDAY • 10:00 AM

Motion Capture On A Budget • 10:00am (Room A)
Check out this interactive demo of Perception Neuron, an affordable & wireless alternative to motion capture. Find out how to take care of your MoCap needs ­­ without breaking the bank. Presenters: Erica Penk (Trick 3D)

Voiceover In Games: How to Break In • 10:00am (Room B)
Gaming may be a digital world, but there are real voices behind those animated characters. How do actors get started in video game and motion­ capture work? What does that work really entail? Panelists will answer these questions and more, including specifically addressing the recent game VO actor strike, and how the
ramifications of that will continue to affect the industry. Whether you’re an actor looking for VO work or a designer trying to bring your characters to life, this panel will give you all of the information you’re looking for. Presenters: Bob & September Carter, Freelance Voiceover Actors

Google Infinite Deviation • 10:00am (Room C)
Computer programmers are nerds. Geeks. Socially awkward. Men. Or are they? Award winning filmmaker Eliza McNitt, along with Daraiha Greene from Google’s CS Education in Media team, will screen the first two films in the Infinite Deviation series. They’ll discuss why there needs to be more diverse representation of coders in the media, and why telling stories that entertain and engage is the best path to effect change. Presenters: Eliza McNitt (Infinite Deviation Filmmaker), Daraiha Greene (Google)

FRIDAY • 11:15 AM

Master Class with Production Designer Wynn Thomas • 11:15am (Room D)
Prolific production designer Wynn Thomas shares his wisdom on the art and business of production design in this master class, courtesy of the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His film credits include Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man, Barry Levinson’s Wag the Dog, and the pilot for ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. Mr. Thomas is the first African­American production designer to become a member of the Art Director's Guild in Los Angeles, and the first African American nominated for the Art Director's Guild award for his design work on Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! He started his career designing sets for the theatre. Presenters: Wynn Thomas (Cinderella Man, Inside Man)

Beginners VR Workflow • 11:15am (Room A)
Learn how to build a smooth, pain­free VR workflow when you’re just starting out, taught by the folks at ATLvr. Presenters: Annie Eaton & Peter Stolmeier (ATLvr)

Overcoming Unconscious Bias • 11:15am (Room B)
We all have attitudes, assumptions, and ideas that affect our perceptions and decision­ making on an unconscious level. It's at the heart of every single conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion. So how do we acknowledge it and overcome it without paralyzing ourselves, or more importantly, our stories? Presenters: Alexander Horn (Sid Meier’s Civilization series, The Elder Scrolls Online), Yvette Caslin (Women in Film & TV, ATL Treasurer), Daraiha Greene (Google­ moderating), Dov Jacobson
(GamesThatWork), Ron Jones (IndieCluster)

A Day In The Life: Game Design @ Naughty Dog • 11:15am (Room C)
Naughty Dog has put out a ton of titles over the years, but what actually went into making the gameplay so satisfying? Kurt will discuss how they solve game design problems at Naughty Dog and take questions from the audience. Presenters: Kurt Margenau (Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4)

FRIDAY •  1:30 PM

Pitching Yourself • 1:30pm (Room D)
Thirty seconds to two minutes, that’s roughly the amount of time you have to introduce yourself. How do you distill your experience, education and personality into a succinct pitch without rambling on or being too vague? How do you standout from the crowd? What do you say to capture the interest of recruiters and hiring managers? In this interactive panel, members of Cox’s Talent Acquisition team will cover techniques and different scenarios job seekers will likely find themselves in. TERMINUS attendees will have the opportunity to pitch themselves and receive feedback. Attendees are encouraged to attend the Resume Critique following this panel. Presenters: Cox Talent Acquisition

Writing Story for Video Games: Non­Linear Narratives• 1:30pm (Room A)
Writing for film or TV is one thing: the narrative tends to move in one direction. But when you're asking your audience to participate in the story, how does that change your job as a writer? This panel will explore best practices to keep in mind while writing these dynamic and interactive stories. The panel will also feature a Q&A so you can ask the questions you’ve always wanted. Presenters: Jared Mason (Schell Games), Alexander Horn (Sid Meier’s Civilization series, The Elder Scrolls Online), Rayna Anderson (Eidos Montreal, Deux Ex: Mankind Divided), Dale Adams (Architek One)

End to End Workflows with Adobe Creative Cloud • 1:30pm (Room B)
In this fast ­moving presentation, Adobe Master Trainer and award winning filmmaker Maxim Jago packs five days of post­production training into a single session. Maxim will share the most important skills needed to incorporate multiple Adobe video applications into your post­production workflow. You’ll learn about best­ practice approaches to moving media and creative decisions from your original media through Adobe Prelude to Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, and Adobe Media Encoder, with minimum work
and maximum flow. Presenters: Maxim Jago (Adobe)

Furious 7 Locations Case Study • 1:30pm (Room C)
There’s a lot that happens between writing an action scene and filming one. Before the producers of Furious 7 could crash an ambulance over a bridge in downtown Atlanta, a lot of coordination with the city needed to happen first. Representatives from the Furious 7 locations department and Atlanta’s Office of Entertainment will give insights into the communication, logistics, and safety concerns that you need to know before you can transform those lines on the page into the dazzling action set­piece you imagined.
Presenters: LaRonda Sutton (Film City), Caleb Hinshaw (Film Industry Freelancer), Mike Smith (Police Coordinator)

fRIDAY •  2:45 PM

Quality Sound Design On A Dime • 2:45pm (Room C)
Nick Wells and Eric Lorenz will bring household items and show you how to create effects that sound like a million bucks on a ramen noodle budget. Presenters: Nick Wells (Rickwood Music), Eric Lorenz (Wabi Sabi Sound)

UI Design In Unity • 2:45pm (Room A)
James Simpson, a.k.a. Doctor Unity, will be showing off how he creates a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for his projects. Using the native Unity3D interface (uGUI), he will demonstrate how it adapts for display on Mobile (iPhone, Android) and Desktop (Windows, iOS) devices, how to call functions from within the GUI,and the use of Canvas and Panels. Presenters: James Simpson (Cellbloc Studios)

Resume Critique • 2:45pm (Room D)
Hiring managers see dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for a single position. Many companies and departments use keywords and filters to help process the thousands of resumes they receive yearly. What are the folks doing the hiring looking for? What makes a resume standout? Cox Media’s Talent Acquisition team will live critique blind resumes (names and contact information will be removed) to highlight what will increase the chances that you’ll score an interview, and what will send your resume right into the trash.
Attendees are encouraged to attend the panel before this, “Pitching Yourself.” Presenters: Cox Talent Acquisition

Storytelling With a Purpose • 2:45pm (Room B)
How do you tell a story in a way that motivates and inspires change? How do you use the power of film to inspire people and communities to make a positive difference in the world? These panelists will dissect the opportunities, as well as the challenges, that arise when social justice and storytelling come together. Presented by the Elfenworks Foundation. Presenters: Dale Adams (Architek One), Maymunah Stroud (Adobe Youth Ambassador), Lauren Speeth (Elfenworks), Erin Bernhardt (Creative Visions)

FRIDAY • 4:00 PM

Storytelling Techniques From An Independent Filmmaker • 4:00pm (Room B)
In this intense and broad­reaching presentation, award winning filmmaker Maxim Jago shares his most valued lessons learned from directing 30 films in over 25 years of filmmaking. Maxim describes essential ways to identify drama, to help actors find their performance, and to communicate with crew in ways that enable genius. Using several of his films as examples, Maxim will share anecdotes and valuable experiences, negotiation techniques and approaches to conflict management, along with a unique
perspective on the two key tasks directors must master: To have a vision and communicate it. Presenters: Maxim Jago (Adobe)

Ethics of VR • 4:00pm (Room C)
This is gearing up to be the year of VR, with everyone from filmmakers to advertisers to social media masters getting in on the fun. We’ve all seen the power of this new technology, but has anyone considered the ethics of it? VR experts will discuss the power of VR, and how creators can ensure that power isn’t used for the wrong reasons. We’ll also delve into the potential psychological effects of experiencing an altered or enhanced reality, and what that could mean for future generations.
Presenters: Ian Bogost (Georgia Institute of Technology), Annie Eaton (ATLvr), Peter Stolmeier (ATLvr), Dale Adams (Architek One), Gaspar Ferreiro (Project Ghost Studios), Erick Lorenzo (Virtual Relief)

How Stuff Works: Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know • 4:00pm (Room D)
Find out everything you aren't supposed to know about the new and confusing world of virtual reality with Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know, a conspiracy­ theory podcast from How Stuff Works.. What happens when fully immersive virtual reality becomes commonplace? How will film and gaming change? Who will run the ‘real’ world when the rest of us are plugged into a virtual one? WHERE DOES THE MATRIX END? Ben, Matt, and Noel will answer all of these questions and more at Stuff They Don't Want You to Know: The
Future of Virtual Reality (Live!). Presenters: Matt Frederick, Ben Bowlin, Noel Brown (How Stuff Works)

Saturday • June 18, 2016




Microbudget Filmmaking • 10:00am (Room A)
Micah Van Hove of No Film School leads this discussion about the ins, outs, whys, and hows of making films for under $50k. Presenters: Micah Van Hove (No Film School), Molly Coffee (Atlanta, Pepper’s Place), Martin Kelley (Step­Off, Immigration Tango), Eliza McNitt (Short Film & Commercial Director)

Working In Games • 10:00am (Room B)
You want to build a career in the gaming world, but you’re not the creative type and you don’t happen to be independently wealthy. How do you crack into the video game business without knowing what a Unity is, or having the cash to fund your own startup? This panel will give a real, behind­ the­ scenes view of the multiple career options you can find in the gaming industry—including marketing, finance, business development, and tons of other ways you can use the talents you already have to craft a career path you’ll love. Presenters: Eric Lorenz (Wabi Sabi Sound), Diego Lizarazo (Red Hat)

Directing Your Own Script: A Case Study with Undrafted • 10:00am (Room C)
An official TERMINUS 2016 selection, Undrafted is the feature directorial debut of Joseph Mazzello. Joseph based the script on the true story of his brother, a successful college baseball player, scouted to play in the majors and went undrafted. Using Undrafted as a lens, we’ll see what it takes for a writer/director to go from script to final edit. Presenters: Joseph Mazzello (Undrafted, Jurassic Park, Justified)

Protecting Your Intellectual Property • 10:00am (Room D)
Young creative game designers typically aren’t focused on the business of protecting their intellectual property. This panel is designed to help you get into that mindset so your creative work doesn’t get ripped off. We’ll cover what you need to know about copyrights, when you need to contact a lawyer, and what to do if someone makes a game remarkably similar to yours. Presenters: Alyssa Cagnolatti (Turner Broadcasting), Lee Morin (MORIN Entertainment Law)


From Idea to Production: Building Your Game Dev Team • 11:15am (Room A)
So you’ve got a brilliant concept for the next great game. Where do you find the right people to help you bring your ideas to life? Learn exactly who you need to hire to transform your idea into reality, even on a tiny (or nonexistent) budget. Presenters: Molly Proffitt (Ker­Chunk Games), Don Synstelein (Extra Feet), Dov Jacobson (GamesThatWork), Jesse Jacobson (GamesThatWork)

Rise of eSports • 11:15am (Room B)
This panel will answer what the heck an eSports is, what the growth is, what opportunities exist for emerging talent in the space and particularly in Atlanta, and where the sector will go in the future. Followed by audience Q&A. Presenters: Todd Harris (Hi­Rez Studios)

Fight Choreography For Film • 11:15am (Room C)
Want to learn how to stage convincing fight choreography for the screen? You’ll have the chance to see the talented folks from On Camera Combatives in action, demonstrating how they create authentic and dynamic fight movement for film. Presenters: Ryan Monolopolus (I Am Gamer, Alpha)

Film School Debate • 11:15am (Room D)
Is film school worth the time and money, or is it smarter to learn through on­set experience? Has the rise of YouTube and self­produced stars made traditional schooling irrelevant? Everyone has an opinion in this great debate, and this is your chance to watch the fists of film fury fly as experts take their sides and literally argue it out in a no­holds­bar fight to the death (or reasonable conclusion—whatever comes first). This non­traditional panel will be as entertaining as it is informative—trust us, you don’t want to miss this one.
Presenters: Micah Van Hove (No Film School), David Smith (University of North Georgia), Zack Morrison (Columbia University), Tory Edwards (Selma, All Eyes On Me)


Conversation with Actor MacKenzie Davis • 1:30pm (Room A)
Since her feature debut in Breathe In at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, MacKenzie Davis’s career has been building momentum. She’s been one of the standouts as Cameron Howe in AMC’s 1980s set series Halt and Catch Fire, recently seen in Ridley Scott’s The Martian, and has just been added to the cast of Blade Runner 2. Atlanta SAG-­AFTRA President Ric Reitz and Davis will discuss her career, the craft of acting and working with some of the most renowned and critically acclaimed writers and directors.
Presenters: MacKenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire) Moderator: Ric Reitz (SAG­AFTRA Atlanta Chapter President)

The Wide World of Indie Games • 1:30pm (Room B)
Sure, you hear about the AAA games breaking sales records like Grand Theft Auto and Fallout 4, but did you know there are tons of indie game developers right in your own city? Panelists from local, independent game studios will give you the real story on the hustle of the indie game business, and show you how sometimes having less gives you the freedom to do much more. Presenters: Molly Proffitt (Ker­Chunk Games), Don Synstelein (Extra Feet), Jesse Jacobson (GamesThatWork)

Why Young People Don’t Get Hired In Gaming & How To Fix It • 1:30pm (Room C)
It’s not always easy putting your best professional foot forward as a young creative. We’re here to help. These panelists, all in hiring positions, will talk about some of the most common blunders they encounter, and you’ll have the chance to ask questions about how to overcome the many obstacles to break into gaming industry. Presenters: Nick Wells (Rickwood Music), Todd Harris (Hi­Rez Studios), Cory Allison (Rezli)

Insider's View of Editing Blockbusters and Big Budget Projects • 1:30pm (Room D)
What is it like inside the editing department and edit bay when millions of dollars have been invested and deadlines are set in stone? Presenters: Drew Sawyer (Moonshine Post) Joe Binford (Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Selma, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), Emily Denker (Ant­Man, Captain America: Civil War)

SATURDAY • 2:45 pM

Writing Three­Dimensional Characters • 2:45pm (Room A)
Learn how to write complex, nuanced characters without descending into stereotypes or tired tropes from two video game writers. Presenters: Jared Mason (Schell Games), Rayna Anderson (Eidos Montreal, DeuxEx: Mankind Divided)

Drawing and Painting in Adobe Photoshop • 2:45pm (Room B)
Bobby Deddens will share some his background and how he got into the games industry. He will share some of his past work in video games, walk through the concept ­art process, and do a live ­drawing demo using Adobe Photoshop. Followed by Q & A. Presenters: Bobby Deddens (Adobe/EA)

How to Build a DSLR Cinema Kit • 2:45pm (Room C)
Cinematographer and SCADFILM director, Brandon Osterman hosts a one­hour workshop, guiding attendees through the process of building a cinema camera rig for filming on DSLR camera systems. This comprehensive workshop will walk step­by­step through the construction of a flexible platform capable of supporting various small body video cameras, and cover professional monitoring, focus, sound, stabilization and power solutions for cinema shooting. Presenters: Brandon Osterman (SCADFilm)

Mobile Storytelling • 2:45pm (Room D)
Park Chan­wook (Oldboy) shot a 33­minute film on an iPhone 4, and shot entirely on an iPhone 5s, feature film Tangerine debuted at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim. We’ll discuss the basics of Mobile Storytelling and about the future creating content on and for mobile devices. Presenters: TBD


Post­-Production & Storytelling• 4:00pm (Room A)
The footage is shot, the files are uploaded, now it’s time to piece everything together. Not so fast. Stories can radically change during the editing process, and it’s important to know what choices need to be made before production starts—so your finished product is the story you want to tell. Presenters: Emily Denker (Ant­Man, Captain America: Civil War), Drew Sawyer (Moonshine Post)

Introduction to Anamorphic Filmmaking presented by Panasonic • 4:00pm (Room B)
One of the greatest challenges a filmmaker can face is translating their cinematic vision to the screen, and one of the most elusive techniques available to independent filmmaker is the use of anamorphic lenses to dramatically enhance the production values of their film. While the technique of creating widescreen cinematic films using anamorphic lenses has been around for decades, long before digital capture was introduced, it is often prohibitively expensive. New advances in high resolution digital cameras and post production editing software has made the format suddenly affordable, and opened new avenues for those interested in creating content that transcends the look of ordinary digital film. Learn about the latest tools and techniques for anamorphic filmmaking in the digital era. Presenters: Jack Salamanchuk (Panasonic North America)

Seeker: The Next Generation of Storytelling • 4:00pm (Room C)
Filmmakers are the storytellers of the future. Join Discovery Communication’s digital team behind the all ­new Seeker network for a special screening of some freshly produced short documentaries from around the world. Learn about the all the new documentary category Seeker is sponsoring for Campus MovieFest 2016­-17. Presenters: Discovery

Composing For Games: Where To Start • 4:00pm (Room D)
Do you love making music? Want to be the next Koji Kondo? Here's how to make the leap to start crafting the soundtracks for the next wave of legendary games. This panel teaches you everything you need to know to get started on the music side of video game production. Presenters: Chris Rickwood (Rickwood Music, Age Of Empires, Madden, Cartoon Network Games)


Conversation with Actor Sean Gunn and Director James Gunn • 5:15pm (Room C)
Sean & James Gunn grew up in St. Louis, and have been entertaining people for most of their lives. James has written dozens of major screenplays, including Scooby­Doo, the remake of Dawn of the Dead, and most recently Guardians of the Galaxy & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, both of which he also directed. Sean Gunn is best known as an actor on the hit show Gilmore Girls and in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, but he’s also enjoyed a great deal of success as a writer and producer. Both brothers recently (like, yesterday) wrapped production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in Atlanta, and are thrilled to join TERMINUS to answer your questions about their careers in TV & film. Presenters: James Gunn (Tromo Entertainment, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Sean Gunn (Gilmore Girls, Guardians of the Galaxy)


Sunday • June 19, 2016



SUNDAY • 10:00 AM

Film Festival Submissions Best Practices • 10:00am (Room A)
There are many pitfalls to navigate when submitting your work to a film festival. That’s why we’ve brought in festival expert Chris Holland to take you on a live tour of FilmFreeway and Withoutabox. Along the way you’ll learn what’s important – and what’s not – when filling out your film’s submission profile. Presenters: Chris Holland (Film Festival Secrets)

Conversation with Scott Adsit • 10:00am (Room B)
Scott Adsit got his start performing at Chicago's Second City in the mid­'90s, where he met and befriended Tina Fey. He transitioned from stage to screen with a handful of appearances on HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David and went on to take on guest roles on several TV shows, including Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Adsit saw great success with Cartoon Network's Moral Orel, which he wrote, produced and provided voices for. Adsit reunited with Tina Fey in 2006, when he was cast opposite her on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. Come with questions!

Horror SFX Makeup ­ Liquids and Blood, Makeup and Molds • 10:00am (Room C)
Want to learn how to chop off limbs and make monsters while also pursuing a job in the film industry? Blake and Lucas will be showing off a few of their special effects and make­up skills, and explaining the ins and outs from behind the scenes of big­budget films and incredible small indies. Presenters: Blake Myer (Halloween 2, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 2), Lucas Godfrey (Halloween 2, Anchorman 2) Animation for American TV • 10:00am (Room D) Find out what it’s really like to work in the US animation industry from professionals who have made a living working in it. Presenters: My Animation Life, John Britt (Cartoon Network)

SUNDAY • 11:15 AM

Networking Creatively • 11:15am (Room A)
Networking events can be overwhelming. Who do you talk to first? How do you start the conversation? Holy crap, business cards?! Do I need business cards? Fear not, because this panel will ease your networking anxiety and answer all of the questions you might have. We’ll talk about how to network, search for jobs, and put your best foot forward as you start your creative career—and how to do it all without being that creepy weird stalker who just won’t stop emailing (seriously don’t be that person). Presenters: Chris Holland (Film Festival Secrets), Jen West (Four X Productions), Lisa Ferrell (Resolution Media, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!)

Marketing Your Game: The Benefits of Hiring a PR Firm • 11:15am (Room B)
You’ve built your very own game from start to finish, and now it’s time to dive into piles of money, Scrooge McDuck­style right? Not so fast! First, you need to market it before you have any real chance of breaking even, let alone making a profit. Blane Humphries, Account Manager at Novy Unlimited, will go over the basics of how to get the word out about your game with the help of a PR company. Followed by a Q&A session. Presenters: Blane Humphries (Novy Unlimited)

Game Awards: Fan Favorite Screenings • 11:15am (Room C)
Trailers from video game submissions will be screened so that a Fan Favorite can be chosen for Sunday night’s TERMINUS Awards.

Short Form: Comedy Writing • 11:15am (Room D)
Comedy fans and writers alike will get an inside look on how comedy writers develop their jokes and ideas. Learn how to take a concept, or a single joke, and turn it into a viable script. We’ll also provide insight on when to trust your instincts on a joke, when to revise it, and when to abandon ship. Presenters: Leanna Adams (The Detour, Sketchworks Comedy), Ken MacLaughlin (Sketchworks Comedy) Tommy Bell (extra medium), John Britt (Cartoon Network)

SUNDAY • 1:30 PM

It’s Hardly “Only Wrestling”: Maintaining Respect for Audiences and Narrative • 1:30pm (Room A)
There are numerous examples within the world of professional wrestling where content creators exhibit a marked lack of respect for wrestling fans. Narratives that lack motivation or closure, characters who behave in inconsistent ways, and shifting narrative focus on a whim are but a few of these examples, and each time it is reported that those crafting these stories exclaim, “It’s only wrestling,” referring to a perceived lack of need to exhibit narrative coherence since wrestling fans are presumably too unintelligent to notice. However, my research in the world of professional wrestling reveals the opposite, as wrestling fans are acutely aware of this lack of narrative coherence. Often, the result is frustration on the fan’s perspective and growing resentment of both content creators and consumers for the other. This presentation will explore how content creators need to shift this dismissive attitude towards audiences and focus on how rather than view audiences in an antagonistic manner, they are actually a tremendous resource that can be harnessed to foster more beneficial relationships between content creators and those who will ultimately consume this content. Professional wrestling in this instance becomes a crucial case study to explore how media producers and consumers must work together or risk the antagonism that currently sabotages much content
in professional wrestling. Presenters: Shane Toepfer (University of North Georgia)

Bringing Characters To Life• 1:30pm (Room B)
The team from Spray n’ Pray Studios talks about their creative process, from writing the characters to creating the models to building the AI. They’ll work along their discussion, demonstrating every step of the process as they go, and conclude with clips of the newly created character in action. Presenters: Kynton Stephens (Spray n’ Pray Studios) and team from SNPS

Storyboarding Cinematic VR • 1:30pm (Room C)
Storyboarding for traditional film and VR require two different approaches. Fear not! Zach Pousman of Variable Labs is here to help. He’ll help you think about how to approach storyboarding for cinematic VR, presently the most popular application for VR. Presenters: Zach Pousman (UX Leader for Fortune 100 Clients)

Short Form: Comedy Directing • 1:30pm (Room D)
The director’s role in creating the visual elements to support or drive humor is hugely important, and often overlooked. The second of our Short Form Comedy panels will focus on the visual storytelling aspects of humor and cover just what it takes to direct comedy, what directors have to consider when shooting for different mobile and online platforms, and how to work with actors and crew. Presenters: Leanna Adams (The Detour, Sketchworks Comedy), Ken MacLaughlin (Sketchworks Comedy)

SUNDAY • 2:45 PM

Why A Pose Matters • 2:45pm (Room B)
Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is just the latest game to come under fire for its overly­-sexualized design of a female character—sparking an important conversation about character design, sexualization, and creative liberty. What exactly is the responsibility of developers to create inclusive characters without compromising the artistic vision of the game? Presenters: Dannielle Dee Del Rosario (Different Games), Sarah Schoemann (Different Games)

How To Bring Characters To Life: A Character Designer's Journey • 2:45pm (Room C)
Character designer Claire Almon will share the journey of her career, from her MFA in animation to becoming a character & visual development artist at Floyd County Productions working on Archer, The Tom and Jerry Show on Cartoon Network, and much more. Presenters: Claire Almon (Floyd County Productions, Archer)

SAG-­AFTRA: Indie Contracts • 2:45pm (Room D)
Making a short? Your first feature? A thesis project for school? While you may not have a big budget, that doesn’t have to be a barrier to assembling a strong cast. Learn about the possibilities when you make your production a SAG-­AFTRA signatory. Members of the SAG-­AFTRA Atlanta Indie Outreach Committee will be discussing the basics of the low budget contracts and sharing their personal experiences. Presenters: Yolanda Asher (Satisfaction), Carrie Anne Hunt (Magic Mike XXL, Drop Dead Diva) and Tenaya Cleveland
(The Vampire Diaries, The Haves and Have Nots)

SUNDAY • 4:00 PM 

Secret Sauce Animation Studio • 4:00pm (Room C)
With a crew of veteran animators from international studios around the world, both 2D and 3D, Secret Sauce specializes in creating commercial quality animation. The Secret Sauce team members will take us behind the scenes and talk about their work on the the shorts and trailers they’ve created for Kulipari: The Army of Frogs and Gearbox Software. Presenters: Jay Li, Erin Tracy and LD Walker (Secret Sauce)

Master Class with Thomas Ackerman, ASC • 4:00pm (Room D)
With Beetlejuice, Jumanji, Christmas Vacation, Anchorman, and Back to School, Thomas Ackerman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this discussion. In this Master Class, cinematographer Thomas Ackerman will cover his career, the films he’s worked on, and the unique challenges that face emerging filmmakers today. Presenters Thomas Ackerman, ASC (Beetlejuice, Anchorman)